Zakat & Income Tax

Because we know how complex Zakat and tax matters can be, both at home, and especially in foreign markets, we make it our business to stay abreast of national and international tax laws, policies, accounting and commercial principles and international tax treaties.

It is becoming increasingly important to find new ways to align Zakat and tax strategies with overall business needs, while meeting compliance obligations wherever they arise.

In today's global economy, effective Zakat and tax advice and planning can give business a competitive advantage. We offer a range of Zakat and tax services, which are designed to offer clients innovate tax planning.

Our Zakat and tax specialists help clients capitalize on opportunities that focus on understanding client's needs and knowing which solutions can best address them. Our objectives are to minimize the overall tax rate, which is essential to achieving performance objectives today.

Our team of specialized professionals have long experience in the different economic sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with strong professional relationship with the Zakat & Income Tax Authorities

We are committed to delivering expectations in value, clarity, excellence, innovation and above all excellent client service.

In addition to periodically providing our clients with the circulars issued by the Zakat & Income Tax Department, our Zakat & Income Tax services include the preparation of the Zakat & Income Tax declaration, preparation and submission of rebuttals and their discussion with the authorities, and finalization to obtain the final certificates